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Marathon Roadmap 2.0
Everything You Need to Train for and Run a Marathon You're Proud of -- all on a Plant-Based Diet!
  • 118-page guidebook explaining everything you need to know
  • Training plans for Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K 
  • Plant-based nutrition guidelines and 2-week sample meal plan
  • 9 full-length Experts' Vault MP3 interviews
  • "Getting Started with Running" audio series
  • Worksheets, checklists, shopping lists, and packing lists
  • Bonus! Live Group Q&A session with Matt every month (minimum of six sessions, guaranteed!)
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What Actual Users Have to Say
Steve Riccio, 3:36 in the Gettysburg Marathon
"I learned about the Marathon Roadmap just as I began preparation for my first marathon. The comprehensive guide provided this novice with so many valuable do’s and don’t’s that most simply learn through painful experience. From meal plans to training plans, the Roadmap saved so much time and effort which was used to actually prepare for the race. In the end, I achieved my personal goal running a 3:36 on a very demanding course. No telling what the result would have been without the Marathon Roadmap. Even experienced marathoners will see its value. I know it will be my guide to my next marathon and beyond. Thanks Matt!"

Bridget W.
"I bought your book when I was training for my first marathon — the Paris marathon, which I ran in April this year. I absolutely loved it. I finished in 4:32 (which I was thrilled with!) and really loved the whole thing. Your book was a really wonderful tool for me during the training, and I plan on sharing it with my husband when he trains for his first marathon next year."

Jose Sanchez, 3:33 in the Tijuana Marathon
"The Marathon Roadmap is an amazing resource! It has a truly effective plan that not only helped me survive my first marathon but also helped me do it well. I ran my marathon in July and not only did I run it without injury but I felt surprisingly strong at the end — so strong that I have already signed up for my next marathon! The Roadmap is an easy-to-follow plan that never is too punishing on your body."

Ryan Sullivan
"I really had no interest in running a marathon, and second, I had even less interest in not eating meat. But I couldn’t put the book down. I was fascinated by everything I was reading, and ended up reading the whole thing in 48 hours. The more I read, the more I found myself nodding and thinking “wow, I think I could actually do this.” Never in a million years did I anticipate I’d even be interested in trying a vegetarian diet … now I’m going to do it. I loved the book. The thing I appreciated the most about it is how it lays everything out for you in small, very attainable steps. Like I’ve mentioned, going vegetarian never even crossed my mind, but after reading Marathon Roadmap, I really believe I can do it." 
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